Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love them or hate them... Peeps are here

March brings us two great things... endless hours of college basketball and the endless sugary pleasure of the Peep. I am not sure the relevance of Peeps to physiology or anatomy since they don't have much nutritional value,... we certainly can't measure their forced vital capacity or dissect them to study their fluffy marshmallow interior. Well, perhaps we can use them during a glucose tolerance test to increase blood glucose levels.

One research group has used the Peep as the subject of intense scientific investigation. These scientists studied the health risks of cigarette and alcohol use in Peeps. They concluded:

"The synergistic effect of smoking and alcohol in Peeps produces a rapidly exothermic oxidation reaction, leading to a chemical and morphological divergence from the wild-type Peep phenotypes. Assistant lab members described these divergent Peeps as "less sweet," "crunchier," and "gross" when compared to the Peeps which used either alcohol or tobacco, but not both. For these reasons, it is our strong recommendation to JustBorn Corporation that they supervise young Peeps and educate them of the risks associated with smoking and alcohol."

For further reading on the scientific research on Peeps follow the link courtesy of Emory University scientists and researchers. Peep Research

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